Dheere Dheere Se

Dheerey Dheerey Se

This drama of Star Bharat is very popular which is called Dheerey Dheerey  Se. It is a unique drama written in Hindi language. It was shown for the first time on December 12 2022.

Siddharth Kuma is the producer of the drama. Its actors include Reena Kapoor and Rahil Azeem. Bhawana and Raghav both of them are married and are living a happy life but they don’t know that soon their happiness will be ruined.

A life of her efforts turns into sorrows but she is a working woman and works hard. When she starts living with Raghav family, they ignores her. Main issues are between Bhanu and Bhawana. Both hate each other. Raghav tries to fix their matters but all in vein.

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