Molkki Season 2

Molkki Season 2

The story of the drama based on the tradition and customs of a village. The name of this custom is Molkki. In this tradition of Molkki the parents are allowed to engage their daughter with old men and they can get money of this. Rich people get beautiful girls by this.

In a village a girl and a boy love each other. They decided to marry with each other. But there are many obstacles in their life. Their parents are not agreeing on this. So, both of them are confused what to do. The girl is Urmi. Her father is very ignorant and greedy man. She is very beautiful.

One day when she was going to college when a man see her. The man gives money to her father and says engage your daughter with me through molkki. Her father agrees without telling her. She don’t know any thing about her engagement.

One day one of her close friend came her home and tell her about this. She says my father cannot do this. Her friends says he did this. Soon you will be married to an old man. She says I will do suicide if this happened. She tells her boyfriend. He says we will runaway from the village. They make a plan. But her fathers knows.

One day when she was sitting in the home her father cames, and orders her to be ready. She was confused and asks for what. Father say we are going for some work. Whole village was waiting for them.

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