Sasural Simar ka

Sasural Simar Ka

A beautiful Indian drama named Sasural Simar ka is a Hindi language drama. Rashmi Sharma produce the Susral Simar ka. It is shown on Colors Tv.  The main actors are Dipika Kakar, Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar, Shoaib Ibrahim, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Mazher Sayed, Avika Gor, Manish Raisinghan. Sasural simar ka premiered on April 25, 2011.


The story of a girl who loves to dance They live in Vrindavan. She also has a sister. Her name is Simar. But due to family matters and issues, there are some restrictions that prevent her from dancing. But she is determined, in spite of all these restrictions, to complete her classes. She is a good dancer. Once upon a time, a rich businessman saw her dance, and he started following her.

Due to his name in the region, no one would say no to him in any case. He told her parents that he likes her and wants to marry her. His name was Prem Bharadwaj. Her parents agreed, and they were happy because he is a rich man. Roli, the sister of Simar, told her about the engagement.

The family finalized the date of marriage, but on the same date, simar has to participate in a contest. Simar saw Prem, liked her, and agreed to marry her. But the contest was also important. She planned with her sister that Rooli would be there in the ceremony as Simar until she came back. At last, she married Prem.

Khushi is a gold-digging woman. She tries her best to obtain the property of Simar and her husband. But she didn’t get any chance. But when Simar got pregnant, she offered that she would become the surrogate mother of the child. Unfortunately, they accepted it. And she got the chance to blackmail Simar. And by this, she got the whole property transferred to her name.

Simar lives a fake life with Mehta because her wife lost her life in a car accident caused by Roli. To save Roli, Simar made a sacrifice. All in all, this president is married to another girl. Vikrant falls in love with Simar after learning that she is a good and caring girl. But after a time his wife, Sunaina, came back to the house, and it was revealed that she was not dead. Simar wants to go back home. Vikrant stops her, but she goes. He doesn’t want Simar to live with Prem, so he tries to kill him, but the police come and arrest him.

After this, evil powers appeared, such as a ghost, and they tried to destroy the Bharadwaj house. Now the whole family has decided to fight with them. In the whole story, Simar’s life is in danger. Roli decided to save Simar, and she fought with these creatures, dying while saving Simar’s life. Anjali went into a coma, and after a long time, she recovered from the coma. Piyush lost his memory. Anjali marries his friend. Simar and Prem tried their best to find Piyush. They go everywhere for Piyush. At last, Simar found Piyush. Piyush was in the custody of Avni. Avni was working as Piyush’s custodian because Piyush had lost his memory. Roshni dies while she tries to take her father’s revenge. Everyone is sad due to this.

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