Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta kiya khelata hai

A beautiful Indian drama named Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a Hindi language drama. Rajan Shahi is the producer. It is first premiered on January 12, 2009. It is shown on Star Plus.  The main actors are Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, Shivangi Joshi, Ashnoor Kaur, Mohsin Khan, Pranali Rathod, Harshad Chopda, Jay Soni, and Karishma Sawant.


The story of big joint families is one where they live together happily, cousins play with each other, and life goes on. In this family, Akshara and Naitik love each other, so they decided to marry each other. The whole family knows about their love. When they grew up and reached the age of marriage, the Marwari families decided to arrange their marriages. After their marriage, both were happy in their lives and soon they got the good news that Naitik was pregnant and a new family member had entered their lives. Now they have a son named Naksh.

After Naksh Naira was born, their daughter was born, and they have a complete family of four members. Suddenly, in an accident, Naitik falls into a coma. But Akshara still loves her. He takes care of her. He is also busy with his business life. With family care and good treatment for Naitik, she recovered and came out of the coma. After getting out of the coma, there is bad news for her: her mother died while she was in a coma.

Now Naksh grew up and started loving Tara, a hockey player. Both want to marry, but due to some misunderstanding, they cannot. Naira was living in an orphanage. Akshara loves her daughter too much. Akshara died in an accident. Naira was interested in Kartik, and both get married soon. Martik’s mother died in his childhood, and his stepmother does not take care of him. His father was busy in the office. Due to this, he dislikes his family. Naksh marries Keerti.

Naira was sick. The doctor revealed that there is a clot in her brain, and she will undergo thorough brain surgery. Naira was pregnant, but she delivered a stillborn baby. Kartik swapped the baby with Keerti’s child because she was in a coma. Naira was busy with her business, and Kartik had a temperament. He started asking Naira why she was so busy. And soon Naira became pregnant, which was bad news for Kartik. Naira started living in Goa with her son. Kartik was sad about his act. But due to their children and the fact that they know they love each other, they decided to live together.

One of their daughters was sold to a gang; when the parents knew this, they were sad, and Naira was disturbed mentally and died in an accident. Now Kartik is alone. Sirat looks like Naira. Kairav, when he saw Sirat, became happy that his mother was alive. Kartik and Sirat fall in love after Sirat’s boyfriend becomes ill. Sirat is actually living with Ranveer. But Ranveer became ill, and he told Sirat to kindly leave him. Sirat was accused of murder. Kartik helps her. She went away from Kartik. But after Kartik’s stubbornness, they married each other. And Sarat gave birth to her daughter, Aarohi.

After the birth of Aarohi, Sirat decided to take part in a boxing competition. She is a good boxer. She takes part in national-level competitions. Kartik dies, and then Sirat dies. Akshara and Aarohi grew up. Aarohi is a brilliant student. She likes the medical field. Anhimanyu is a surgeon. He and Aarohi decided to marry.

Kairav started an affair with Anisha. Anisha and he decided to marry. But after a time, Kairav refuses to marry, and Anisha is in true love with Kairav, and she dies. Her blame fell on Kairav, but he is innocent. Akshara is also sad about her separation. She wants to go back to Abhimanyo, but he is not giving her any forgiveness. Kairav forced Ashkara to go back to India. They agreed and went back to India. When Abhimanyu sees him, he forgives him. And they started living together.

Neil, the husband of Aarohi, dies while in a fight with goons. Abhimanyu blames Ashkara for all this, and once again, she was divorced by him. She started her business after the divorce. She met with Abhinav. Both get married after a time. Her business of jam has created its own value because of its good quality. Her son also helps in business. Abhimanyu is taking care of the children, as he took responsibility and according to his promise. Abhir is considering Abhinav as his father, but Ruhi knows that her father is Neil. Aarohi and Abhimanyu marry, and Ashkara lives in Anhinav with her son.

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