Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein

A beautiful Indian drama named Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein is a hindi language drama. Pradeep Kumar Rajesh Ram Singh Pia Bajpiee Shaika Parween are the producers. It is first premiered on October 05, 2020. It is shown on Star Plus.  The main actors are Ayesha Singh, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma and Harshad Arora. Cockrow Entertainment and Shaika Films produced Ghum hai kisi k Piyar Mein. The drama was first premiered October 05, 2020, on Star Plus



The story of the Drama Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein is about a brilliant girl named Sai Joshi who loves to study She lives in the city of Gadchiroli, in Maharashtra state. Her father is in the police. She wants to become a doctor. She is too beautiful. When she goes to school, rascally boys disturb her. Jagtap, a boy and the son of a well-known politician, is also looking to marry her. He started to harass Sai, but she cannot do anything because he is politically strong and can do anything against her and her family.

These days, an officer named Virat Chavan came to Gadchiroli. One day, as usual, Sai was on her way to college. Virat’s Jeep splashed dirty water on her clothes, and she complained to her father, who was an inspector, but her father told her that he was our officer and she could not take any action against him.

One day Sai’s father, Kamal, came home angry. On Sai’s inquiry, she learned that Virat’s behaviour is not good. Sai takes up residence in the state of Maharashtra. She requested to her father that you don’t need to do the job anymore and we must move to Nagpur. Virat and Pakhi are getting interested in each other. But his family decided that Pakhi would marry his brother. And they did. Virat was heartbroken, but soon Samrat also got the info about the affair, and he was also miserable.

Jagtap just wants to marry Sai, and when he sees that Virat is close to Sai’s family, he decides to shoot Virat or Sai’s father, Kamal. One day, when he got an opportunity, he shot Virat, but Kamal defended him and got the bullet in his chest, and he died. After Kamal’s death, Sai was alone and depressed, so she decided to commit suicide.

In these circumstances, the villagers request that Virat marry Sai. Virat, who was already in love with Pakhi, was confused about what to do. And Sai also knows that Virat loves Pakhi. Both decided to marry with an agreement that they would stay without any relation to each other other than to show others that we were married. When Pakhi learned all this, she was not happy. Virat comes from a wealthy and well-established family. They were not happy with Virat’s decision. Pakhi was a high-class girl.

In all these circumstances, Virat loses his job. Sai decided to leave Virat’s house. As she knows everything about Devyani and Pulkit’s relations. When Sai was going to Virat, everything tried to stop her. Harinee is the child of Devyani and Pulkit. She was in an orphanage due to Virat. Devyani was ill. Pakhi and Virat are both now playing a game against Sai.

Sai was noble. She just wants Devyani and Pulkits to get married again. But the Chavan family doesn’t want this; they also tried to kidnap them. But they married. Virat evicted Sai from his home. Sai came back to Gadchiroli’s house. Virat was shot down. Sai came to the hospital to be looked after and for treatment.

For a long time and on every occasion, Chavan’s family blamed Sai because she belonged to a middle-class family. Pakhi has a special place in the house. Sai builds a good relationship with Ninad by giving her the gift of the harmonium. Pakhi always plays tricks on Sai, and the Chavan family knows everything, but they still did not say anything against her.

After this accident, Sai started taking yoga classes, and she hired an instructor. Virat and Pakhi decided to go on a trip for their annual anniversary. Sai listened to all the stories from her yoga instructor. Once again, Sai left the house and decided she would not stay there anymore. Simrat told Sai everything about Virat and Pakhi. Then came the story of Virat and Sharuti.

Virat introduces Sharuti as his wife. Once again, Sai got all this information. Virat and Sharuti happily started their life. Virat once again became ignorant of Sai. Now Virat has a son from Sharuti named Sahas. the demanded Sai to come back after kidnapping her. Virat got injured while saving Sai from sada. The police then arrested both Sada and Sharuti. Virat, after recovering, still wants to stay with Sharuti.

On Holi, Sai returned to the Chavan family, but no one offered him a ride. After Sai’s last exam, Virat left her, Rajvee had a heart attack, and Sai saved his life. After a while, Virat began to fall in love with Sai, and they announced to their families that they were going to marry.  Sai, after marriage, takes an internship.

Jagtap kidnaps her. After a time, Sai was pregnant, and the couple hired a female to become the surrogate mother of their child, but Pakhi played a trick and became the mother to gain Virat’s love. She orders Sa to go back to her home and never come back. After delivery, Pakhi tries to take the baby, but seeing that she will not succeed, she tries to commit suicide.

Serial Cast with Real Names

The Drama Serial cast with Real Names are below

  • Ayesha Singh is working as Dctr. Sai Joshi.
  • Virat Chavan was Neil Bhatt.
  • Patralekha was Aishwarya Sharma.

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