Aashiqana 3

Aashiqana 3

A beautiful Indian drama named Aashiqana 3 is a Hindi language drama. It is produced by Gull Khan and is shown on Star Plus. It first premiered on  February 2023. Zayn Ibad Khan, Khushi Dubey, Inderjeet Modi, Anurag Vyas, Raghav Tiwari, and Geeta Tyagi are the main actors.


Conversation between Yash Jaggi Raja. There is a dispute between them. Both are blaming each other. Jaggi Raja believes that Yash has killed his son but Yash denies it. Yash Believes that Jaggi will not succeed in his evils. Yash also started taking care of his family because he knows that Jaggi Raja can attack them anytime. He wants to settle his family in an area where Jaggi Raja cannot approach them.

Story/ plot

The Story starts with the fight between Yash and Jaggi Raja. According to Jaggi Raja, Yash has killed his son. Jaggi told Yash why you have dragged his family into our fight. He is trying to clear all the confusion about Jaggi Raja’s son’s death. Jaggi also threatened him that he will kill his family members. Yash took his family to a safe place but Jaggi Rajja and his goons were chasing him. due to the firing from Jaggi Rajja, Rajkumar got injured. Yash, Raj, and Rajkumar left the car and start running in the Jungle. Rajkumar was severely injured by bullets. Yash Was helping him. Yash and his family safely entered the house. Chikki has the main role in saving his family. Jaggi Raja was tracing Yash by his mobile location. Rajkumar’s  knee was bleeding due to fire of bullet. All are worried due to it. But problem increased when they com to know that they don’t have bandages in the box. Yash was happy to Chikki efforts and her help at this moment. His all attentions are toward Chikki. The whole family was observing it. His Grand Mother was not happy. Yash was confused that how a girl can do all this. Finally he asked Chikki that how she drove the car like an expert and how she can do fire. Chikki told him that she is an police officer and she got the training. Yash was amazed after listening this, because he is also in police. Chikki is a brave girl. She always stand with the truth. She don’t care what will be the result. She thinks that she will die and she request Yash many things. She is also worried for her family too. She request Yash that she will go back to home. Yash was worried that the goons will kill her. Snippers were also present there in the goons. Yash was worried that if any goon recognize her, they will kill Chikki. Goons Grab her and and threats her that they will kill her if she doesn’t tell them about Yash


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