Hemant Ruparel produces once again a beautiful drama series named as Ajooni. Star Bharat is the channel where the drama is being showed. Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim and many other senior actors are showing the skills of their acting in this drama.

Two sisters Ajooni and Meher are fighting for their rights. Ajooni engagement was fixed with Avinash, but she loves some else. She loves Rajveer. Rajveer belongs to a big and famous Family. His Background is too much strong. But both decided that they will marry with each other with out taking care of their families. The main issue is the status between the two families. Vohra family is not financially strong as the Bhaga.

After marriage they started living together. Rajveer family behavior is not so good with her. She is just facing all this, but due to her love she was suffered through all this. One day when the Dolly was missing from home and all members are very sad and looking for her, one of them blame Ajooni that she did all this.

Ajooni starts crying and goes to her bedroom and locks the door. But later it was revealed that she was wandering her boyfriend. When Rajveer knows this he came forward to slap her on her face but Ajooni came and blocks him. Dolly father was crying that what she did. Dolly says that it is her life and she has full right to live it with her own choices.

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