A beautiful Indian drama named Ajooni is a Hindi language drama. It is produced by Hemant Ruparel and Ranjeet Thakur. It is first premiered on July 26, 2022.  It is shown on Star Bharat. The main actors are Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim.

The story of a poor but great woman named Ajooni. She has a sister named Meher. She knows how to get her rights but she was against love. Because when she and Rajveer saw each other, they fell in love with each other. Ajooni’s engagement was fixed with Avinash but she didn’t care for anyone. She didn’t love him. Rajveer belongs to the high family Bhaga. His parents are Ravindra Singh and Harman. The Bhaga family is a well-known family but they are all self-important


Vohra’s family cannot compete with them but Ajooni breaks his engagement with Avinash, and she does not like him. The Vohra family was not happy but they stand with her decision. Soon, she and Rajveer’s affair came to the fore but  Bhaga’s family is also not happy. Both families have some clashes but they started spending their time together. Finally, they got married. The Bhaga family started creating difficulties in her life. Dolly Rajveer’s younger sister doesn’t like Ajooni.

The story start from the brabble of Bharat and Dolly. Dolly went from home and she was missing for many hours.  Her family was finding her and the whole family was disturb.  Her brother is finding her with Ajooni. Rajveer saw Dolly with Bharat and he run to attack Bharat, but Ajooni came in the way and stops her brother. Dolly was not happy due to Bharat act and she was crying that why he kidnapped her.  When they came back home her father Ravinder scold her and is near to beat her but Rajveer stops father. Ravinder was not happy to Dolly. As a father he found a boy for her. First she ignored his father choice but when she saw her father love then she decided to marry with that boy founded by her father.

Serial Casting with Real Names

  • Ayushi Khurana is working as Ajooni Vohra Bagga.
  • Shoaib Ibrahim is working as Rajveer Singh Bagga.

Other Cast

  • Drisha Kalyani is working as Meher Vohra.
  • Pankaj Dheer is working as Ravindra Singh Bagga. ,
  • Shraddha Singh is working as Harman Ravindra Singh Bagga.
  • Praveen Sirohi is working as Harvendra Singh Bagga.
  • Simran Khanna is working as Amanpreet Harvendra Singh Bagga.
  • Sonia Keswani is working as Dolly Singh Bagga.
  • Veena Kapoor is working as Mrs. Bagga.
  • Jairoop Jeevan is working as Subhash Vohra.
  • Charul Bhavsar is working as Neeru Subhash Vohra.
  • Vedprakash Singh is working as Bharat Vohra.
  • Seema Sharma is working as Mrs. Vohra.
  • Namrata Kapoor is working as Bindu Vohra.
  • Kamal Malik is working as Kamal, Bindu’s husband.
  • Simarjeet Singh Nagra is working as Manjeet Singh.
  • Pallavi Sapra is working as Shikha.
  • Gaurav Bajpai as Dr. Avinash Khanna
  • Abhishek Khanna
  • Pooja Kshatriya
  • Ajay Trehan as Mr. Narula
  • Arun Bakshi as Tejendra Singh Bagga
  • Shweta Gautam as Kaveri Tejendra Singh Bagga
  • Robin Sohi as Shanky Singh Bagga
  • Nimisha Vakharia

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The latest news are Complication in Ajooni life and she tries to show the real face of the priest.

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