Anupamaa is a beautiful Indian Hindi-language drama series. The drama first aired on Star Plus on July 13, 2020. Disney and Hot Stars were also streaming the drama. The star actors of the drama are Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey, under the direction of Kut Productions. The story revolves around a caring Gujarati woman Name Anupama. She married Vanraj. The joint family includes his father-in-law Hasmukh Shah, mother-in-law Leela, sister-in-law Dolly, Sanjay, Dolly’s husband, and Meenali, the daughter of Dolley and Sanjay. They all live together.


Anupamaa, an innocent woman, serves them and cares for them all for Vanraj but he is interested in some women. He has been in a relationship with another woman for 8 years but nobody knows about his affair. The girl attached to Vanraj is his colleague, and her name is Kavya Ghandi.

Paritosh is also in love with Kinjal. In a meeting with Kinjal’s parents, her mother Rakhi notes the relationship between Vanraj and Kavya. One of the best friends of Anupamaa, Devika Mehta, knew about Vanraj and Kaviya’s relationship; she informed Anupamaa, but Anupamaa ignored it and refused the information. After a while, on the wedding anniversary, everybody gets to know that Vanraj is in a relationship with Kavya. It hurts Anupamaa too much, but as she loves and trusts him too much. Even she refuses to believe her best friend about this. Samar is also in deep grief.

Samar becomes best friends with Nandini. Paritosh engages with Kinjal. Anupamaa decided to get a divorce after this. Hasmukh decided to not support Vanraj after this. Anupamaa decided to work in cooking and started to teach dance classes. Everyone is now taking revenge for being upset. Pakhi suffers too much, so Anupamaa and Vanraj live together until his recovery. Samar goes against his father but Anupamaa explains to Samar his wrong behavior with his father.

Nandini and Samar still stand strong in their decision, and they love each other. Anupamaa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer here. Vanraj marries Kavya. Hasmukh After Anupamaa’s surgery, she was asked to return home. When she did, many problems arose. After Nandini and Samar manage a dance academy for Anupamaa, Kavya taunts everyone and tries to turn everyone against Anupamaa, but she fails every time and everywhere. A businessman named Anuj Kapadia shifts his business back to India. He became friends with Samar. Anuj has loved Anupamaa for more than twenty-six years.

He offers Anupamaa a business deal, which Anupamaa accepts, but Vanraj, who is seeing all this, is not happy with this relationship between Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia. Family members have now started chanting against Anupamaa for her relationship. Due to this, Anupamaa and Samar left the house. Kavya’s main purpose is to gain property. Samar and Nandini are ready for marriage.

Anupamaa wants to marry Anuj and proposes to him on Valentine’s Day. On the eve of Hasmukh and Leela’s anniversary, Vanraj tries to divorce. On Anupamaa’s birthday, Kinjal tells her that she is pregnant, but when Peritosh listens to this, he is not happy. Anupamaa and Anuj marry, but on this occasion, Malvika is angry, and she is not happy. Due to age factors and family matters, Hasmukh was diagnosed as suffering from heart disease. The family decided against heart surgery until the marriage ceremony proceeded.

Malvika goes back to America. After this, Anuj transferred all his property to Anupamaa, and they started to live happy life. They both, with mutual understanding adopted a boy and gave him the nickname “Anu”. Anuj takes care of all the children. Ankush, a cousin of Anuj, came under pressure from his wife; he demanded his share of Anuj’s property. Ankush and Barkha have two children: Sara and Adhik. Their main purpose for coming is to take part in the Kapadia empire.

In a family meeting once again differences arise and some become friends, but many of them become enemies of each other. Sara and Adhik also have a relationship in the USA. Ankush and Barkha became bankrupt. Vanraj falls off a cliff, and Anuj falls into a coma. After Anuj’s condition, Kapadia’s behavior towards Anupamaa is not so good. Samar consented to see his father after this accident. Kinjals delivers a baby girl named Arya. A great ceremony was held.

After knowing the parting adultery deeds finally Anuj slapped him in front of all. Business has disturbed Parotosh too much. Anuj orders Ankhush to get information about Maya finally he got that she was a prostitute, and she is the daughter of a priest. One of her lovers was sold for prostitution. Her real name is Uttra. And Anu is also the daughter of one of her lovers. She revealed that she escaped from the den of obscenity and sent Anu to an orphanage. Maya, after escaping, changes his life and works for other prostitutes to help them out. When Maya learned that Anupamaa and Anuj had adopted Anu, she made a plan to enter Anuj’s life and tried to exclude Anupamaa. Anu was kidnapped. Samar always supports Dimpy.

Pakhi’s choice was to change the academy name according to her name but there is a conflict between Samar and Pakhi. Anuj and Anupama Started hating each other.  Vanraj wants to know what’s happening between them, but Anuj didn’t explain anything. Vanraj wants Anu to come back Home, and he is trying for this. Anuj was living a happy life after a long time and he warns Vanraj not to do anything that will cause damage to their relationship.

Anuj thinks she also loves him but it is just his crude fantasy. Anu thinks that she wants a friend just not a husband. Maya denies Vanraj’s decision. Anuj was in a trauma but Maya smiles and advises them not to give importance to Vanraj. Anupamaa Dance Academy has not yet finalized its name but everyone wants it must be in her name.

Anupamaa gives a piece of beauty advice that the academy belongs to everyone but Pakhi is not happy. Academy became a headache for all of them. Everybody has a new idea but Samar and Dimpy want to run on their own. Anupamaa was confused for not giving time to Academy. Some of them want to run as a dance academy but some want to run as another scheme.  Samar and Dimpy gets the keys but other are not happy with this decision.

Serial Casting with Real Names

The Serial Cast with real names are given bellow. These are the main actors of the drama.

  • Rupali Ganguly the main actor was working as Anupamaa
  • Sudhanshu Pandey is working as Vanraj
  • Gaurav Khanna is working as Anuj
  • Naksh Dhaval Adhyaru is working as young Anuj
  • Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty is working as Kavya Shah

Other Cast

  • Paris working as Kalnawat  is working as Samar
  • Nidhi Shah is working as Kinjal
  • Muskaan Bamne is working as Pakhi
  • Alpana Buch is working as Leela Shah
  • Arvind Vaidya is working as asmukh Shah
  • Shekhar Shukla is working as Jignesh aka
  • Deepak Gheewala is working as Gopichand
  • Adhik Mehta is working as Adhik Mehta
  • Is working asmi Deo is working as Anu
  • Noorain Khan is working as Aarya
  • Ekta Saraiya is working as Dolly Shah
  • Paresh Bhatt is working as Sanjay Dhamecha
  • Lavishka Gupta is working as Meenali
  • Mahi Soni is working as Bhairavi
  • Rishabh Jaiswal is working as Nirmit
  • Anagha Bhosale is working Nandini
  • Bhakti Chauhan is working as  Jhilmil
  • Vivan Singh Rajput is working as Siddharth
  • Sunita Rai is working as Mansi Jain
  • Kiara Khantwal is working as Kiara
  • Riyaz Panjwani is working as Mr. Dholakia

Latest News, Videos, Gossips

Latest News, Videos and Gossips that brings a twist in the story is that in the upcoming episodes Anupamaa will meet Nakul and will get information about her past which is so painfull and also she meets with Malti Devi.

Trending News

The Trending News of Anupamaa is presented by Vanraj after seeing Anupamaa is in pain, stops talking to Kavya.