Baalveer 3

Baalveer 3

A beautiful Indian drama named Baalveer 3. It is a hindi language drama. It is produced by Vipul D. Shah. It first premiered on  March 18, 2023. It is shown on Sab Tv.  Dev Joshi, Aditi Sanwal, Ada Khan, and Behzad Khan are the main actors.


The Story of Good and Evil powers A boy from Udaka-lok Baalveer He is the son of Adishi. Udaka-lok is the sister planet of Shashvan-lok. All these are good-power planets. Shashvan-Lok is ruled by Uttan. Uttan is very kind to Balweer. He is kind and always helps Baalveer. He gives some extra powers to Baalweer. Now Baalweer can fight with anyone. Uttan gave all these powers to Baalweer because he knew that some evildoers wanted to kill him. Aagil is one of them. She is the empress of Himbash-lok.  She started making new weapons that are powerful and will kill him. At last, they invented the most powerful weapon, Mahajadoo.

Both evil and good fought many times but Utthan has many weapons that turn evil into ashes. Baalweer wants those weapons. Many times Baalweer visits the Uttan Weapons store. In this store, many weapons are those created by Uttan, who has defeated evil many times. So Baalweer wants to take this weapon because he is ready to fight evil.

Finally, the good and evil forces saw some traitors in their groups. Baalweer found that her mother’s gift was missing, which he bought for her mother. Actually, the gift is different from the original gift. Finally, after investigation, Baalweer found that a girl named Kashvi did all this. Baalweer goes to Earth to get his mother’s gift back. Also, Angel and his team were on Earth. They are behind the traitors to kill them. Tuyeer is the Aagil traitor. Aagil was very angry with Tuyeer, as she trusted him too much but he was a traitor.

Aagil tries to kill Kaashvi. But fails. Baalweer saved Tuyere and Babel. Uttan was angry with Balweer when he saw that he was not present at Udaka-lok.

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