A beautiful Indian drama named Bekaboo, is a Hindi language drama. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It first premiered on March 18, 2023. It is shown on Colors Tv.  The main actors are Shalin Banot, Eisha Singh, Antara Biswas, and Sudha Chandran. Parimaa tries her best to stop Devlika but devlika stabs herself and dies. Bela was born while the doctor says she is stillborn and dead, but Moonlight falls on her face and she started crying and everyone was amazed. Bela has some extra powers. She grows up and helps her parent.


Story/ Plot

The story of stillborn baby when he got live in the light of moon. This is the love story of Rakshas and Pari. The whole story round about the life of pari.Everyone is interested in her life story and they want to know that is she is alive or dead. The baby was alive and the woman who look after her give her the name of Bela.

Bela came young and started studying in the school. Bela has some extra powers and she can read the mind of peoples. She also write story of magical words. Her parents are in tension as they cannot afford her fee. When she reads the mind of her parents she decided to take position in the school.

After a month there is competition in which the winner will get a beautiful reward. Malika is her competitor. Malika and Ranav are in relation. Ranav want Malika to win the Competition. Malika is  also in love with  Adi. Adi’s mother is an educated woman and at that day her mother is invited as a guest.

After the ceremony Adi went to beat Rahnav. Here started a clash between them. Rahnav ran inti the jungle. The story started about the statues that are buried. Kaka knows the whole story and the places where statues are. There is a monster in their village. when convoys came in this villages they monster attack them. Kaka has all the knowledge about all loks. Balks monster is very dangerous. he has two sons. These two sons always kill people and drink their blood.

Ashwat is in love with Devlika. But he never shows. Kaka also knows that Ashwat loves her. One day Kaka told him to say his feeling to Devlika. On kaka advice he went and shows his feelings.

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