Ekta Kapoor and Shubha Kapoor are both very senior producers and their dramas always reach their heights. One of tha best drama is Bekaboo. Many senior actors are showing their active essence. In the beginning of the play, a baby girl is stillborn.

The girl comes alive after a time. Her parents was amazed. Mother says that she has a believe that her daughter will not die.  The girl’s name is called Bella.  After some time she starts going to school. Most of the kids in school tease her but she concentrates on her studies and wins first position in every competition she competes in.  Most people hate it because of this

This is a very beautiful drama. This girl’s parents are poor. They cannot send her to a good school, but she is not studying. She gets a good position in a school.  After the speech is stolen, these people have to leave the forest and there is a lot of shouting in the forest

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