Bhagya Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi

Zee tv on August 3, 2021 a new drama serial Bhagya Lakshami premiered. It is an Indian Hindi Language drama. The producers of the drama are Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms. The story of a village girl her parents, Kuljeet and Manoj, died early in their childhood. They are three sisters. The elder of them was Lakshami, and the two others were Shalu and Bani. Their parents were dead, finally they are now living the life of orphans. Their relatives are greedy. but Bhagya Lakshmi helps them and other poors and takes care of everyone. After their parent’s death, Lakshami’s aunt came and took them to Mumbai. She is doing all this to get the property left by their parents. They fixed Lakshami’s engagement with Balwinder.


His mother also requested that he should marry her finally both get married, and they love each other too much. Malishka is not happy with this marriage. She wants to marry Rishi. Malishka is a gold digger. First, she loved Viraj, and Viraj is his best friend, but when she saw Viraj’s business was down, she left him and tried to trap Rishi because she knew he was a big industrialist. She started creating difficulties in their lives. She wants to prove that Lakshmi is not good for Rishi and that he is not lucky. Malishka does odd things by giving him alcohol and accusing him of sleeping with her. Finally, her trick succeeds, and Lakshimi leaves the house and asks Rishi to marry Malishka.

Serial Cast with Real Names

The Serail Cast with Real Name are given below 

  • Aishwarya Khare is working as Lakshmi Bajwa
  • Rohit Suchanti is working as Rishi Oberoi
  • Maera Mishra is working as Malishka
  • Shradha Arya is working as Dr. Preeta Arora
  • Munira Kudrati is working as Shalu Bajwa
  • Mohit Malhotra is working as Vikrant kakkar
  • Sriti jha is working as Pragya Mehra

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