Aditya Kashyap is the producer of the Dharampatni drama serial. It is Indian Hindi Drama that was first aired on February 12, 2012. The story of a boy named Mohan, who went abroad for higher education, shows that he has the aim of coming back and helping the poor people of his society. But he was completely changed when he came back. He even did not consider the people to be human beings. His ideology changed.


Kastur lives here and she is an honest and loving girl but she cares for the poor finally she likes the traditions of the area. Kastur and Mohan came across each other. And later they got married due to some circumstances, but the main issue is that they have different ideologies. Both take care of each other, showing respect and living together calmly.

They are trying to understand each other. And after a long time, both started to love each other. Now that a new Pandora’s box has opened, Mohan’s parents have begun to cause her problems. She did everything and did every service for the family that they recognized as their daughter-in-law. But Mohan Fater was not agreeable. After a time, he also recognized that she was a good daughter-in-law. So the story of the family goes on, showing how they live with each other.


Drama Cast

  • Harshad Chopda is working as Mohan Galla.
  • Aasiya Kazi is working as Kastur.
  • Supriya Shukla is working as Saroj Galla.
  • Gopi Desai
  • Mihika Verma
  • Pankit Thakker
  • Ekroop Bedi is working as Hansika.
  • Addite Shirwaikar is working as Mohan Galla’s sister.

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