Dhruv Tara

Dhruv Tara

A beautiful Indian drama named Dhruv Tara is a hindi language drama. Sumeet Mittal and Shahshi Mittal are the producer. It is first premiered on February 27 2023. It is shown on Sab Tv.  The main actors are Ishaan dhawan and Riya Sharma. The story of Samrat Singh, a very cunning and greedy man, He says his boss is Bush, and he wants to get his job. He says he can do anything, even if he can kill him. He wants to be the king of Vallabgarh. Finally, he succeeded in his aim. He gave such things to the king to eat, after which the king became ill, and after a time the king was in bed due to his illness. His doctor did his best, but he cannot treat that disease. Medicines came from all corners of the country, but the king’s disease was not cured.


The Samarat wants to marry Tara. But for this, he plays a trick on her and blames her for touching him. King Udaybhan, after his decision, says that Tara will marry Samrat. Tara has a friend, and he is very loyal to her. Tara told Samrat that she did not love him and could not marry him. They decided to escape on the wedding day, when everybody was busy with wedding activities.

Tara agreed and did the same according to their plan, which succeeded, and they flew through time travel and reached 2023. Here begins the new story. This world is new for Tara and his friend. Everything is strange for them. Due to Tara’s and his friend’s activities, people assumed they were mentally ill.

In 2023, to survive, she will have to do some work. But she doesn’t know what to do. She was living in someone’s house. She started working as a maid in the Dhruv household. She does cooking and sweeps the broom in the house. She also does laundry work for everyone. But Dhruv’s mother dislikes her. Aisha wants to marry Dhruv. But Dhruv is not interested in her. Due to this, Aisha marries Jay. Jay is Dhruv’s cousin. Dhruv’s father is a flirty man.

Many times he was caught, but nature cannot be changed. Due to his father, Dhruv’s mother became a temperamental woman. She also dislikes Tara due to her husband’s activities. Dhruv also started taking an interest in Tara. His mother also notices Dhruv giving more time and attention to Tara. Tara was fading until 2023, and she wants to return to the 17th century.

She made a plan to faint Dhruv, and after that, she will take him with her. And she did; when Dhruv fainted, Tara missed the Navrangvan because she didn’t know the Navrangvan of 2023. Now Tara was stuck in trouble. Soon, Dhruv came into his consciousness.

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