Dil Diyan Gallan

Dil Diyan Gallan

A beautiful Indian drama named Dil Diyan Galan is a hindi language drama. Rashmi Sharma is the producer. It is first premiered on December 12, 2022. It is shown on Sab Tv.  The main actors are Kaveri Priyam, Paras Arora, Pankaj Berry, Jasjeet Babbar, Sandeep Baswana, Reema Vohra, Ravi Gossain, and Kanika. Story of a Sikh family. Dilpreet Singh A senior citizen of the village. The story revolves around his two sons. Dilpreet Singh is a simple man, and he wants that his son completes his study abroad. But he is a poor farmer and cannot manage the travel expenses. At last, he decided to take a loan. Actually, he wants his son Maan to become a doctor. So for Maan, he got a loan, and Maan went abroad for his degree.



Dilpreet was happy that when Maan comes back, they will build a hospital in the village with the name “Maan Hospital.” When Maan goes to America, his father arranges his marriage with Khushwant Singh’s sister. Khushwant was not happy, and he thinks that Maan will not come back. But Dilpreet Singh gives him an oath that Maan will come and marry his sister. He doesn’t need to take tension. Maan was happy. It’s not a journey to America, but he is going to start a new life with new friends in his life.

First, he faced many difficulties in America because of the distance between the two countries. He is from a village, and many of his friends make fun of him due to his backwardness. But slowly, slowly, he got used to living there. There he saw Aastha. Aastha is also from India. She helped Maan very much. As she is from Gujrat and also comes from a Punjabi family, they get very close to each other. And they start loving each other. Maan forgets what his father desires and promises what he promised Khushwant.

Leaving everything behind, he proposes to Aastha, and she also accepts his proposal. Both completed their degrees and became doctors. They came back to India. When they landed in India, Dilpreet saw Aastha with Maan, and he got confused and saw them from a side view. They came home, and Maan revealed the news that he had gotten married. Dilpreet and the whole family were amazed that he never thinks to tell anyone or to invite a single family member. Khushwant is so angry on this occasion. He decided to do something with the Dilpreet family.

Randeep, the younger brother, just wants to go to America, but due to Maan’s activity, he is afraid to share it with Dimpleet. But one day, he said in front of the family that he also wants to go to America. But the old father rudely denied his desire, due to which Randeep left the house.

Randeep went to Delhi. In Delhi, he married Nimrit, and now they have a daughter named Riya. Maan and Aastha also have a daughter named Amrita. Amrita and Riya decided to solve the clash between the families after 25 years.

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