A beautiful Indian drama named Faltu is a hindi language drama. Sushanta Das is the producer of the drama. It is first premiered on November 2, 2022. It is shown on Star Plus.  The main actors are Niharika Chouksey and Aakash Ahuja. The story of the poor girl her and her only sin is that she was born into a poor family. That limits her desires, but she cannot do anything. They named her “Faltu” for that reason. Her parents also hate her because she was born with a stillborn baby boy. Finally, she is an unwanted girl by her parents, too. As she grew up, she loved to play cricket.


Story/ Plot

She plays cricket whenever she has time, and even with the broom. Only her father and one of her cousins have issues with her. Faltu became Ayyan’s friend. Ayan belongs to a rich family. The first aya saw Faltu at her village when he was on a visit. During their time together, Ayyan offered him cricket coaching.

She was happy with this offer but now, this is the time and chance for her to make her family proud. The Ayyan family, who was rich, followed their own traditions, including arranged marriage. After some time, Ayyan’s family arranged his marriage to a girl. Faltu felt depressed when she realized that she was developing feelings for Ayyan while receiving coaching from him, and this realization came as a shock to her.

She came back home because she was disturbed. Her father insisted she marry an old man. Finally, Faltu told Ayyan the complete story. Ayyan came to the village and took her with him to the city. Now Ayyan helps Faltu and takes care of the expenses of Faltu Academy. The Mumbai Women’s National Cricket Academy admitted her.

She starts taking daily coaching at the academy. The whole staff was inspired by her techniques, and it was stunning to see how a village girl played like this. She felt motivated during these golden days. But all in vain. Soon her dreams piled up and crashed when she became ill. Doctors told her that she was affected by a disease and that she would be blind after just three months. Ayyan ran from her rituals and tried to help Faltu.

Faltu ran away from her home because many people blame the people who say that Ayyan is doing everything for her. Now, this is a difficult time. His fiancé came and tried to marry her. She replied negative response. But he took Faltu, and here, Ayyan got the information, so he went to help her.

When he was near and fell down and filled her mouth. Everything happened unconsciously. As she was ill, after a time she became blind. They arrested Ayyan. Faltu ran into the jungle. Ayyan was released from jail and came back home. He married a girl, whose marriage was arranged by his parents; her name was Tanisha. Faltu never comes back into Ayyan’s life. Ayyan lives with Tanisha.

Serial Cast with Real Names

The Serial Cast with Real Names of the drama  are

  • Niharika Chouksey working as Faltu Singh
  • Akash Ahuja working as Ayyan Mittal
  • Sonia Singh working as Kanika
  • Drishti Thakur working as Tanisha Mittal
  • Faiz Mohammad Khan is working as Ratan Singh
  • Jaideep Singh is working as Charan Singh
  • rajat verma is working as Siddhart mital

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