Katha Ankahi

Katha Ankahi

A beautiful Indian drama named Katha Ankahi is a Hindi language drama. It is produced by Sunjoh Waddha. It is first premiered on December 05, 2022. It is shown on Sony Tv.  The main actors are Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan. The story of a woman who has lost her husband and now she is struggling with her life livings and her son has also been diagnosed with bone marrow. She is confused but she is a hard-working woman.



The story of a mother just living her life for her who is struggling with bone marrow. She prays for her son life.  Viaan is a businessman. But he is also facing household quarrels. His father and mother love each other but due a misunderstanding his father left house and never came back. He went to find his father and to do request to come back but it was shocking news that for him that his father got married to another woman.

He cries too much that what is this and why his father is giving this punishment to them. Due to this tension he started drinking and spending nights in clubs to reduce his tension. Katha son was too much ill and she need money. She joined Viaan company. One day she requested to her boss she need medical allowance to for her son. Viaan was not in his senses and he demanded he to spent a night.

At that night when he got back his consciousness, katha was crying. He asks for the reason. She told she is not such type of girl. Viaan feels sorrows and he got feelings for her. They both started spending time together . When Viaan mother knews about their relation she scolded him that what he is doing. He has some special relations with his employees. What society say. His mother is not agreed with him to marry Katha.

One day Katha saw Viaan with Aarav.

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