A beautiful Indian drama named Meet is a Hindi language drama. Sumeet Hukamchand, Mittal, Shashi Mittal, and Jitendra Singla are the producer. It first premiered on August 23, 2021. It is shown on Zee Tv.  The main actors are Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey. The story of a daughter’s life from Haryana Her name was Meet Hooda. Her father was in the police station on a good rank, working as an officer. Her father is an honest, punctual, and principled man. But one day, in an encounter with the bandit, he makes a sacrifice for the country.



Meet Hooda   After the death of her father, she decided to join the police and take revenge on the bandits. She was inspired by her father, so her decision depends on this. She also has to take on the responsibilities of her family. In police, she got the designation of sub-inspector. During her training, she meets with Ahlawat. And soon they became good friends. Ahlawat met his sister, Manushi, and they started spending time with each other.

They decided to marry, and soon their marriage date will be fixed. But Kunal, Manushi’s boyfriend, is blackmailing her, threatening to kill her if she marries anyone. Under Kunal’s pressure, Manushi runs away on the wedding day. Ahlawat and the whole family are confused, but they don’t know why she did this. To protect the honor of the family, Meet and Ahlawat decided to marry each other.

Ahlawat is sad, and he accepts Meet just as his friend. He has no intention of falling in love with her. He cannot accept her as his wife. This is a difficult decision for both parties. Kunal committed fraud with Manushi, and she is alone. She regrets her decision for Ahlawat. When she saw that Meets and Ahlawat were living a lovely life and now they loved each other, she got jealous.

At a time when Meet was pregnant, Manushi decided to kill her or kidnap his baby. When Meet delivers a baby, Manushi, as soon as she gets a chance, kidnaps her baby. When Meets came to consciousness, she got the news that her child had been kidnapped, and the kidnapper was her sister Manushi. Manushi also tries to burn Meet, but she is alive, and it is a miracle. No one knows that Meet is alive.

Meet decided to take revenge on Manushi, Kunal, and Masoom. She came back and met with Ahlawat. Both start living together. Now they are happy, but what happens a day after their baby is killed in an accident? This time, Meet is in a coma, and Ahlawat is caring for him. Ahlawat tries his best, but she doesn’t recover.

Serial Casting with Real Names

  • Meet Sangwan was Ashi singh.
  • Meet Ahlawat was Shagun Pandey.
  • Mrs. Hooda was Abha Parmaris.
  • Anubha Hooda was Vaishnavi Macdonald.
  • Manushi Hooda was Sharain Khanduja.
  • Inspector Ashok Hooda was Ravi Gossain.
  • Kunal was Pratham Kunwar.
  • Rajvardhan Ahlawat was Sooraj Thapar.
  • Babita Rana Ahlawat was Sonica Handa.
  • Masoom Ahlawat was Parakh Madanis.
  • Hoshiyar was Adityarao Nuniwal.
  • Duggu was Het Makwana.
  • Tej Ahlawat was Vishal Gandhi.
  • Sunaina Singh Ahlawat was Riyanka Chanda.
  • Ram Ahlawat was Afzaal Khan.
  • Ragini Ahlawat was Preeti Puri.
  • Esha Ahlawat Beniwal was Tamanna Jaiswal.
  • Deep Beniwal was Ashutosh Semwal.
  • Ishani Ahlawat was Surbhi Talodiya.
  • Jr. Ram Ahlawat was Dhairya Dwivedi.
  • Lakhan Ahlawat was Vaidik Poriya.
  • Chhavi was Shalini Mahal.
  • Jaypratap Singh was Manish Khanna.
  • Inspector Hawa Singh was Manoj Kolhatkar.
  • Shantanu was Ankit Vyas.
  • Tanya was Gazal Sood.
  • Barfi Beniwal was Asmita Sharma.
  • Neelam Beniwal was Gouri Agarwal.
  • Anurag Rathi was Randeep Rai.
  • Naubha was Prachi Kadam.
  • Mahendra was Yogendra Singh.
  • Narendra was Mohit Sachdev.
  • Sarkar was Susheel Singh.
  • Yashoda Sangwan was Garima Srivastav.
  • Gunwanti was Sheetal Dabholkar.
  • Sapna was Pranjali Singh Parihar.
  • Sundarari was Dolphin Dwivedi.

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