The story of the police office and his family. He was shoot down by the bandits due to his honesty and hard working. He was dead on the moment. He has a daughter. His daughter his also a hardworking girl. She decided to join the police and become a officer just like her father.

She is very sad after the death of her father. She loves her father very much. Her father has many dreams for her. Whenever she thinks about the memories of her father and cries. She started to pass commission test and finally she passed the test and got the highest position in the test.

She selected the police as her carrier. The sub-inspector rank she has gained. She started to take the responsibilities of her family. Her whole family is happy. She went to another city for the training. When she was leaving the home her mother advices her to take care of her. When she reached the training center she meets the Alwhat. They became good friends there.

They also decided to marry in the future. Ahlwat family later fixed his engagement to another girl. It was confusing for the both. But ahlwat says sorry to Meet and says that he cannot do anything in front of his family. He says he obeys his elders and he has to marry Kunal.

Manushi was harassed by a boy named Kunal. Kunal loves her tpp much and want to marry her. Kunal says he will kill anyone for her. Manushi was also afraid. She don’t know what to do.

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