Pandya Store

Pandya store

A beautiful Indian drama named Pandya Store is a Hindi language drama. Sunjoy Wadhwa and Commal Sunjoy Wadhwa are the producers. It is first premiered on January 25, 2021. It is shown on Star Plus.  The main actors are Kinshuk Mahajan, Shiny Doshi, Kanwar Dhillon, Harminder Singh, Alice Kaushik, Jini Khan, Akshay Kharodia, Jovian Fernandes, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Swarnim Neema, and  Krutika Desai Khan

A Story of a Middle-Class Family: Husband, Wife, and Their Four Sons They live in Somnath. Gautam is the elder son. They have a grocery store named Pandya Store. Gautam loves the Dhara. First, he was engaged to Anita. Anita was a gold digger. She refuses to marry him when she sees that his store is in debt. Dhara was very kind, and she took care of the whole family. First, Dhara faced many problems in the family, but after some time, due to her services, she made her place.

The whole family worked hard for the Panda store and paid all the debt. Dev and Rishita are college fellows, and they love each other. As with Dhara, Rishita also faced many problems in the Pandya house. The main character in the story is Dhara. They threw a party at home, and everyone had a good time.

Gautam is responsible for the store’s management, while other brothers also help him. Everyone lives happily, but Ravi has some problems, as she does not feel comfortable in the home and does not love Shiva. Shiva divorced Raavi. Disha caught Shiva’s interest when he saw her at a party. He requested her mother for Disha, and the mother accepted it.

Gautam and Dhara love each other, and now Dhara is pregnant, but she is not healthy enough to deliver a baby. This doctor’s advice is that abortion will be good; otherwise, Dhara may die. They performed the abortion after the family’s decision, but Dhara was not happy about it.

Everyone advises others to guide each other. Some have financial problems, and some are caught in serious legal cases. Shiva wanted that Raavi came back home, but Raavi was misguided, and she is not ready. Once again, the store’s income is reduced, and a loss has begun, affecting the entire family directly.

Due to these strict financial circumstances, everyone is sad and upset. Everybody tried for a loan, but all in vain. Due to Raavi’s behavior, her mother-in-law decided that she must leave the home, and she did this, by signing the divorce papers and leaving the home. She wanted to tell Shiva she loved him, but she was too angry, and he didn’t listen to her. But after a long time, Suman got aware that Raavi was innocent and that all this happened because of Raavi’s efforts because she is true to her love. Finally, Shiva married her again.

Dhara started manipulating the whole environment of the house. Rishita became pregnant, and Pandya is happy. Dhara insults everyone, and Rishita feels that she and her child are not safe in this home. This situation disturbed the whole family. Due to these circumstances, Suman became ill.

Day after day, they face such circumstances that they have to sell their property, and they did it. Mother Suman was dead because she was ill and Shiva got accidentally injured, but she was not.. But by selling their property, they are now living in a rented house.

To handle the house, Raavi, and Shiva started social media programs, and both got famous and became social media stars, but still, there is a little bit of misunderstanding between them. The family’s insult that Dhara was not able to have a baby made her depressed.. She requested Gautam that adopt a baby from an orphanage. Both went there and adopted a baby.

God blesses Dev with a baby girl named Chutki. Suman turned 70 years old. Dhara lives with her chiku. Raavi became ill, and the doctor examined her and told her that she had a tumor in her ovary. This is shocking news not only for her but for the whole family. Shweta has many odd plans for the family.

First, she tries to snatch Chiku from Dhara, then she misleads the family about Raavi’s medical reports. But, soon the whole family got her thoughts about the family. Shiva says sorry to Raavi. Shweta now decided to take ownership of the store; for this, she made a plan to kidnap Chiku, and she did this. When Dhara got the news, she fainted. She begs Shweta to give Chiku back, but Shewta puts in her demand that first, she transfers ownership of the store to her name, then she will give Chiku back to her.

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