A beautiful Indian drama named Parineeti is a Hindi language drama. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor are the producers. It is first premiered on February 14, 2022. It is shown on Colors Tv.  The main actors are Anchal Sahu and Tanvi Dogra.

Rajeev’s aunt lives with his family, due to some  There are two friends who are well known by the name Parineetii: one is named Parineet, and the other is named Neeti. Rajeev is a good boy but he is enjoying his life. One day he saw Paineet, and soon he got married to her. After marriage, they don’t love each other but now they cannot leave each other. But when they saw they could not live together, Rajeev left the house and left Parineet alone.

Neeti is not interested in any one of them but she has just one goal, to complete her air hostess course. After a time, Neeti and Rajeev became involved in a relationship. Both don’t know each other too well. In a fight with the rascal of the area, Rajeev got injured. Parineet came and saved his life. Rajeev and Parineet have now started loving each other. Rajeev will soon ignores Neeti in order to marry her. But her mother involves him and presses him to marry Neeti; otherwise, the rascals will also kill Neeti. Neeti’s mother is in doubt about whether she will also die soon. So due to Neeti’s mother’s pressure, Rajeev agreed to marry her.

Raveej gives more time to Neeti than to Parineet. Rajeev and Parineet’s wedding date is confirmed. But Parineet is not happy because she knows that Rajeev is not in love with her. Due to Neeti and Rajeev’s relationship, Neeti became pregnant, and soon she will be the mother of Rajeev’s child. When Parineet learned of this, she decided to take her own life. Their relationship was also confusing the family..

Rajeev’s mother was angry with Parineet, which is why she never told us about their relationship. She was missed, and the family tried to find her, but they failed and assumed that she was dead. Rajeev started his life with Neeti. Both were happy. Parineet was alive. She was following Neeti and Rajeev, and she was also a little sad. She thinks that her decision to escape is not right, but she did all this just for Neeti. After a long time, Rajeev knew that Parineet was alive, and he tried to get close to her, but she rejected him. He apologizes, but she is not agreeing with him.

Serial Casting with Real Names

  • Anchal Sahu is working as Parineet
  • Tanvi Dogra is working as Neetii.
  • Ankur Verma is working as Rajeev

Other Cast

  • Aman Gandhi is working as Vishal
  • Vishal Solanki is working as Rakesh.
  • Ashish Dixit is working as Vikram Kakkar.
  • Ankita Singh Bamb is working as Simmi Bajwa.
  • Abhinandan Singh is working as Balwinder Bajwa.
  • Dolly Sohi is working as Gurpreet Kakkar.
  • Kaushal Kapoor is working as Jaswant Kakkar.
  • Khushi Bharadwaj is working as Nupur Kakkar.
  • Siya Bhatia is working as Simar Kakkar, aka Babli.
  • Arpana Agarwal is working as Mandeep Kakkar.
  • Jeetu Vazirani is working as Harman Kakkar.
  • Alka Mogha is working as Gurinder Bajwa.
  • Aakash Talwar is working as Amit Bajwa.
  • Vaishnavi Mahant is working as Parminder Bajwa.
  • Arup Pal is working as Rajveer Bajwa.
  • Tiara Gujral is working as Keerti Bajwa.
  • Rishi Grover is working as Monty Bajwa.
  • Neena Cheema is working as Beeji.
  • Bhavya Chauhan is working as Shreya Singh.
  • Utkarsh Gupta is working as Ajay Kumar.
  • Kaajal Chauhan is working as Shalu Sharma.
  • Nil Uttam Kumar Parekh is working as Veer
  • Vivan Singh Rajput is working as Rocky Juneja.
  • Sonia Shrivastava is working as Sukhwinder Juneja.
  • Hemant Choudhary is working as Devraj Malhotra.
  • Prashant Sethi is working as Varun Malhotra

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