The story of a boy and the a girl Parineeti who lives in the city. He loves his family very much. Her aunty husband dies. He loves her aunty very much. When he listens that his uncle died, he goes to his aunty house, and requested her to come with him. The aunty is not ready to leave her home.  But after some she goes to city to live with Rajeev Family.

Neeti and Parineeti are two friends. They are the best friends,  study together and also play together. When Rajeev aunty came to his home. She advice him to marry as soon as possible. Rajeev said that he is not interested in any one. His aunty says that she will find some one for him. After a time she saws these two girls. Aunty selects Parineet for Rajeev.

When she shows the picture of Parineeti to Rajeev, he also likes the picture. After Rajeev permission she goes to perineet house. The whole neighborhood knows that Rajeev is good boy. So perineet family agrees and soon they both get marriage. But after the marriage they didn’t like each other. Finally Rajeev left the home . He is also not happy with his aunty. Aunty tries her best to control the situation. But all in vain.

Rajeev book an apartment. Where he started living. Neeti is also living in that plaza. One day when both are coming from their office, they got interaction in the meeting. Rajeev don’t know anything about Neeti that she is Perineet friend. He got involved in Neeti and this was alarming.

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