Pushpa Impossible

Pushpa Impossible

A beautiful Indian drama named Pushpa Impossible is a Hindi language drama. Jamnadas Majethia is the producer. It is first premiered on June 06, 2022.  It is shown on Sab Tv.  The main actors are Karuna Pandey Vaidya, Snigdha Suman, Naveen Pandita, Abhay Pratap Yadav, Darshan Gurjar, Riyansh Ayer, Deshna Dugad, and Garima Parihar.


The story of a woman, Pushpa Randeriya, who loves to study at the age of 45 She is innocent. She belongs to a lower-class family. She never attended school in her life due to poverty. Her parents arrange her marriage with Fraudia, whom she calls Dilip. Due to his fraud, she moves to Mumbai. The city where everybody has been educated Her son Ashwin started insulting her mother by saying that she was an illiterate woman. He says that he feels ashamed when his friends gather and taunt him for being the son of an illiterate woman. Due to this, Pushpa decided to get admitted to a school.

This is so embarrassing, but she cannot hear people insulting her for her illiteracy. She was admitted to Nirmala Nanavati School. In school, Rashi’s classmate became her best friend. Due to some causes, Pushpa went to court, and she has had some clashes with Narhai. First, she loses the case, but some senior lawyers come to her aid. And they win the case. Narhari lost the case and was arrested. Soon, Ashwin and Deepti were accused of offering bribes. They were suspended from their offices. Actually, they didn’t offer the bribe; Pramod was behind all this. And he put all the blame on them.

Later, Pramod was exposed, Ashwin and Deepti’s jobs were restored, and Pramod was suspended from his job. To take revenge, Pramod tries to create a conflict over Pushpa’s admission at this age. He claims that admission at this age is illegal. Pushpa is not so good at studying. The trustee of the school gives him a chance. But she didn’t succeed in her exams, and according to school laws, she cannot stay in school and take classes. The school teachers were sad as she was leaving the school.

After a few days, the school got a huge grant on the condition that they first have to give admission to Pushpa again. Dilip, who was a fraudster, started his business and became a businessman. Dilip was attacked by a man. But he survives, and the killer is arrested by the police. In the fire, Dilip was assumed dead. Dilip married another woman. Vasundhara.

Vasundhara was already married and divorced when she married Dilip. She also has a daughter from her ex-husband. Her daughter’s name was Manasi. But Dilip is still a fraudster. And, once again, he was behind bars as a result of his activities. Due to Dilip’s nature, Pushpa hides from her children the fact that their father is alive. She doesn’t want her children to know that their father was a fraudster. But after all this, Rashi and Chirag know that Dilip is their father and that he is alive. The children show displeasure towards Pushpa for hiding information about their father.

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