Woh Toh Hai Albela

 Woh Toh Hai Albela

A beautiful Indian drama named Wo To Hai Albela is a Hindi language drama. Rajan Shahi is the producer. It is first premiered on March 14, 2022. It is shown on Star Bharat.  The main actors are Hiba Nawab and  Shaheer Sheikh. The story of two best friends, Balwant Sharma, and Dhanraj Choudary, In society, liars act as neighbors. But due to a misunderstanding, the story changed, and they started fighting with each other. The story behind this is that their wives mishandled the fight between the children. In the beginning, their wives were also best friends, but the fight between their children also made them enemies. The names of their wives are Indrani and Saroj.


The misunderstanding is behind a business deal. After a long time, their children became young. And starts loving each other. Children don’t want the hate and the enmity between two families. After a long period, their mutual grudges were removed. And a marriage ceremony was held. But unfortunately, on the wedding day, Chiru dies in a road accident.

Saroj becomes faint due to this. Chiru’s friend Sayuri was also crying. At the time, Saroj starts blaming Sayuri for everything. Saroj believes that Sayuir is a bad omen for them, and due to Sayuri, her son died. Chiru’s brother Kanha marries Sayuri. They started their lives with hate. But now they are married, and they cannot live without accepting each other. They tried their best, but they could not understand their thoughts.

Anjali was observing their family matters. She loves Kanha and wants to marry him, but Sayuri married him. Anjali was not happy. When she saw their fight on a daily basis, she got the chance to get married to Kanha. She started creating issues between them, which increased their misunderstandings. But what happened was that Kanha started loving Sayuri and Sayuri also. They began spending more time together, going on trips and shopping together on a daily basis. After this, Sayuri told me that she was pregnant. After her pregnancy, Saroj realizes this and accepts her as her daughter-in-law.

Now the families of Sayuri and Khana are close to each other. They started coming to each other’s homes. On this occasion, Kanha Younger saw Sayuri Younger. Both are getting closer to each other and have started loving at first sight. But Kanha was confused because if his mother Saroj learned about the relationship between the youngster and Sayuri, she would get angry because she was already not happy with the relationship between Kanha and Sayuri. But when it was revealed in front of Saroj, she never intervened, and she accepted this.

Everybody was happy with Nakul and Rashmi’s engagement. But after the marriage, Nakul started behaving strangely towards Sayuri due to her position in the home. Rashmi’s issues with Sayuri are also unresolved. She started to get a chance to kill her, and when they were going to worship, Rashmi showed Sayuri the cow in the ditch.

Kahna was faint due to this. Now Nakul and Rashmi are living a lovely life. After a year, Rashmi gave birth to Nakul’s child. But theirs starts a new story: When Sayuri was shown, she was not dead. Dr. Vikrant saved her life. But Sayuri saw her daughter with DCT Vikrant House. Vikrant started blackmailing Sayuri, saying that if she went back to India, he would kill her daughter. Compulsively, she married him. So after a year, Kanha saw Dr. Vikrant.

At the same time, he looks at DCT Vikrant’s wife. His wife just looks like Sayuri, which is actually Sayuri. But Kanha is just assuming; he doesn’t know that she is actually Sayuri. But Kanha’s fate was now in doubt. He decided to know the truth. One day, he started following Sayuri when she was going to the market. After a hard day’s work, he found out the truth and the story behind it. Finally, I came back home. Rashmi and Nakul were both amazed to see her alive with a child. Sayuri told the whole family the truth about what happened that day. Rashmi was feeling shame for what she did. Nakul was also feeling sorrow.


Serial Cast with Real names

Serial Cast with real name are given below

  • Shaheer Sheikh is working as “Kanha”. He is acting as the son of Saroj and Dhanraj. He is the brother of Chiranjeev and Nakul.
  • Hiba Nawaz is working as Sayuri. She is the daughter of Indrani and Balwant.

Other Cast

  • Kinshuk Vaidya is working as Nakul. She is the youngest sister of Saroj and Dhanraj in the play.
  • Rachi Sharma is working as Rashmi.
  • Sucheta Khanna is working as Indrani Sharma, who is Balwant’s wife. She is the mother of Sayuri and Rashmi.
  • Pallavi Pradhan is working as Saroj Choudhary.
  • Suruchi Adarkar is working as Kusum Choudhary.
  • Khushwant Walia is working as Yash Jindal.
  • Mehul Buch is working as Dhanraj Choudhary.
  • Nayan Bhatt is working as Bhanumati Sharma.
  • Somesh Agarwal is working as Tejendra Choudhary.
  • Hazel Shah is working as Komal.
  • Prerna Mehta is working as Kiara Mithu.
  • Deven Jain is working as Arjun Chaudhary.
  • Priyamvada Kant is working as Chamanbahar.
  • Sujata Vaishnav is working as Archana Chaudhary.
  • Karan Veer Mehra is working as Dr. Vikrant
  • Desai Vaishnavi Ganatra is working as Priya.
  • Anuj Sachdeva is working as Chiranjeev Chiru.
  • Sachin Tyagi is working as Balwant Sharma.
  • Aparna Dixit is working with Anjali Malhotra.
  • Manish Chawla is working as Rishi
  • Arup Pal’s role is that of Amitabh Malhotra.
  • Sanjana Phadke’s role is that of Roma Malhotra.
  • Monu Khanojiya’s role is that of Tingu.
  • Sushmita Singh’s role is that of Nakul.

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