Yeh Hai Chahatein

Yeh Hai Chahatein

A beautiful Indian drama named Yeh Hai Chahatein is a Hindi language drama. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor are the producers. It is first premiered on December 10, 2019. It is shown on Star Plus.  The main actors are Sargun Kaur Luthra and Abrar Qazi. The story of two sisters: one died, and the other took care of her son. One sister is named Preesha Srinivasan, and the other is Mahima. Mahima died at the start of the drama. Mahima has a son named Saransh. In the play, there is a rock star named Rudra. Mahima’s son likes him very much. Rudra is a rude man. The Preesha father is a judge. He spent a lot of time in his office. In his office, Yuvraj also works. He is also a lawyer. Due to his father’s position, he tries to show that he loves Pareesha.


The main purpose of his love was to get his father’s attention. He wishes to obtain a favor from her father, which could be a promotion to senior counsel. Yuvraj is a cheater. But Pareesha is innocent. Yuvraj did the murder for Rajeev, and Pareesha took the blame out of love. But after a time, Rudra and Pareesha start loving each other, and they get married. They live at Khurana House. Yuvraj still wants to create distance between them.

Rahul is a music producer. He has a sharp mind. He succeeded in creating a misunderstanding between Pareesha and Rudra. Rudra became rude to Pareesha. Rudra starts using Keerti and starts making love to her. Pareesha feels jealous due to his work. But once again, Rudra is wrong, because he doesn’t know that Keerti is a bad girl. After everything, he came back and apologized to Pareesha. Rudra is living without his mother. After a long time, he found his mother.

Mishka kidnaps Saransh. When the police came, both were dead. Rudra became angry at Preesha; that’s why she called the police. Due to this situation, they started hating each other, and a few weeks later they divorced. Arman Thakur loved his wife too much, but she died unfortunately. Accidentally, he met with Pareesh. Armaan and Pareesh started a new life. Pareesh started taking care of Armaan’s daughter. But after a long time, Rudra and Pareesh again loved each other. Arman tried to kill Rudra, but he did not succeed. Armaan gave alcohol to Pareesh, but Rudra saved her life.

Saransh is alive. This is big news. Everybody is happy. Armaan and Rudra agreed to swap wives. Pareesh is also involved. Armaan and Sania have a trap. Venky came, and he kidnapped Saransh. Rudra shot him, but Pareesh took the knife, and she was arrested by the police. She escaped from jail with the help of Yuvraj. Pareesh went to Rohtak. She delivered Ruhi, the daughter of Rudra. Rudra was sad due to the absence of Pareesh. He believes that she died. But he found Pareesh alive with his daughter. Their daughter is also a good singer.

Yuvraj lies and says that Ruhi is his daughter, not Rudra. Rudra Leaves Pareesh Pareesh was sad, but her daughter Ruhi tried her best to tackle it. They went to Dehli, where Ruhi got injured, and only Rudra’s blood matched when she needed blood in an emergency. Ruhi requests to their parents that they kindly don’t fight again.

Dev died falling from the building. The police arrested the Khurana family, accusing them of being murderers. Armaan again kidnaps Pareesh. Rudra tries his best to find her. Finally, he found her at the police station, where Pareesh denied that she didn’t know him. He was just amazed, but Ruhi told her father that Pareesh had lost her memory. In an accident, Paresh’s memory comes back. Ruhi helped her mother learn about Armaan. Pareesh sent him to jail.

Armaan took their whole wealth. They start facing difficult times. Even now they are finding work to cover the house expenses and the children’s school fees. Armaan was found dead, and Pareesh was once again accused of murder. These days, in a bomb blast, Ruhi and Saransh died. Samrat and Nayantara started a conversation.  They married, but after this, they realized that they could not live together.  He abuses Samrat. Samrat took revenge and tried to go to her family. She wants to get rid of Samrat. But Samrat is from a rich family, so Nayantara cannot do anything.

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